Surf Vacation Packages

Maldives is popular for its surfing spots, and resorts there offer surf vacation packages. Here are the details of a couple of surf vacation packages and what to expect when you get to Hudhuranfushi and Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma, Maldives.

Hudhuranfushi (formerly Lohifushi)

Hudhuranfushi is a world famous surf resort because it provides outstanding surfing conditions without compromising any comfort. Everything that you have in mind for a perfect surfing vacation is available here. Just a few short walks from the villas or a short boat ride, you will experience consistent breaks and all the amenities of a four star resort.


When you avail of their vacation package, once you arrive in Male International Airport, just look for the Adaaran Prestige Booth and there will be representatives of Hudhuranfushi there ready to assist you. You will then be taken to one of the resorts by a speed boat which will take about 30-40 minutes. During this time you will already see some of the Maldivian surf spots such as Jailbreaks, Honkey’s, Sultan and Pasta Point.  At the resort, you will be dropped off at the villa that you have booked; either at the Beach Villas or the Ocean Villas. Do take note that the Beach Villas and the Ocean Villas are managed by different hotels and packages differ.

To surf at Hudhuranfushi’s surf spots, you would not need any kind of surf pass and you will not be charged additional fees if you are a guest of the resort. Boat transfers to the breaks are available twice a day and you may get your surf passes at the local water sports centre. There are agencies offering surf passes which you can get prior to your trip so that you get a guaranteed spot on the boat ride. However, you would need to pay for these surf passes even for the days that you will not make use of it. The chances of not getting a boat ride are very small and the management is very flexible in adding boat rides if the need arises. The surf passes for two trips for the whole day ranges from $80 USD and $45 USD for a half day pass which you can use either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma

A tropical paradise can be found facing the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma, Maldives. From the Male International Airport, speedboats will take guests to the contemporary resort hotel in just 40 minutes. Once you get to the hotel, you will experience the island life because of the world-class South Male Atoll diving and surfing right at your doorstep.

The beach villas boast of luxurious service like outdoor showers and iPod docking stations. You can grab a bite at the Bokuraa Coffee Club beside the most amazing infinity pool. If you want to relax, you can also visit the very peaceful lagoon or get a soothing Thai massage and beauty treatments at the Kandooma Spa.

An Australian company runs the surfing programs at the Kandooma Resort. The breaks around the resort can offer waves from beginners to advanced level surfers. The surf guide in Kandooma is a qualified surfing instructor who can give basic tuition for beginners who have already been surfing for quite some time but want to move up to the next level of surfing. The surf transfers are available the whole day and these trips are about 3 hours twice per day that will take you to any South Male Atolls breaks. The departure time from the resort is at 9:30am 2:30pm.

They guarantee less people in the surf spots because they restrict the boat transfers to just 10 people at a time. This is why it would be best to avail of the pre-paid surf pass to guarantee your spot on the boat transfers.